Our Family trip to Jaipur

Lat week, our family went to Jaipur trip. We were planning it from a very long time but didn’t got the chance and when we got the opportunity we grabbed it with our open wide hands. We headed towards Jaipur from Delhi on 14th November in the morning and reached there by evening. After the tiring journey we rested in our hotel and after freshening up we went to see the the beautiful and mesmerizing Jal Mahal. We were awstruck by its serenity on the other day. We went to explore a few places and palaces. First we went to hawa mahal and discovered it’s history through a local guide. After some shopping we went to mall to watch a movie in the evening we went to amber fort to watch it’s light show and were totally mesmerized by the beauty and decoration. The next day we went for some shopping and in the evening we relaxed in our hotel plus a dip in swimming pool. On the other day we headed back to Delhi. Our four days journey was amazing, After a long time we had our family time. After all family time is the best time.

We had a Marriage in Jaipur

MarriageMarriage garden in Jaipur

Whenever you think of marriage preparation, the first thing strikes your mind is choosing a special venue. This is quite essential because whole ceremony depends on the marriage garden you pick. Marriage is like a garden, it requires unique care and cultivation. It requires cutting, watering, weeding, and nurturing to grow and blossom.

The best marriage gardens in Jaipur have become the ideal destination for organizing grand wedding. Jaipur is packed with magnificent marriage gardens. And the city of Jaipur is itself located at very strategic position. It is the nearest city of Delhi. It is easily accessible by the people of NCR. This is why marriage gardens in Jaipur have become the perfect destination of grand ceremonies. Apart from that, the favorable weather of Jaipur is icing on the cake. There are plenty of marriage gardens in Jaipur to choose from. And interestingly all the marriage gardens are equipped with all kinds of international and national facilities. The marriage gardens in Jaipur offer a wide range of options to make an occasion thoroughly enjoyable and blissful. The gardens are remarkably impressive, along with that they are highly spacious too. If you wish for a tension-
free marriage, Jaipur marriage gardens are the best for you.

These days trend of destination wedding in Jaipur is also booming.

Every marriage garden in Jaipur is well equipped. They have the professional event management team that takes care of everything along with personal requirements. They work very efficiently and professionally. They can arrange any kind of big gala event with ease and work day and night to make the event memorable. Quite recently, the marriage gardens of Jaipur have witnessed lots of star studded weddings. From Bollywood stars, famous cricketers, celebrities to prominent politicians, all have chosen marriage gardens of Jaipur for their wedding ceremonies. Marriage gardens in Jaipur have back up plan too when it come to heavy rainfall. The gardens have all the facilities to deal with all kind of unwanted situations.
Most importantly, gardens are in the midst of spectacular views of surrounding trees, there is lush green blossoming greenery, and you can select your favorite floral. There are also a wide range of decors available that too at the very affordable prices. The facilities provided by any marriage garden determine its efficiency to conduct a big fat wedding. Marriage gardens in Jaipur are equipped with all kinds of facilities. Normally all gardens have a big banquet hall, along with spacious conference halls. The d├ęcor includes flower arrangements, light decoration, and
beautiful stages. DJ and music keep people entertained. Catering, tent and photography are additional facilities which make any kind of ceremony eventful.

If you are looking for perfect wedding in Jaipur then you should hire top wedding planner in Jaipur.

If you really want a grand celebration in your wedding ceremony, then you should definitely opt for the best marriage garden of Jaipur. They provide five-star experience with economy. The enchanting budget marriage garden of Jaipur combines modern comforts with old glorious charm of the royal Jaipur city. It would ooze grandeur and royal charm in your weddings. The royal grandeur, courteous hospitality, rich heritage, along with famous Rajasthani Cuisine makes it your dream wedding destination. If you want to experience no less than royalty on your most auspicious day, then the marriage garden of Jaipur is your dream wedding destination!